WashPost: McCain’s Chilling Dance With the Dark Side


McCain’s Chilling Dance With the Dark Side

(H/T Racism Review)


So the McCain camp is trying to raise doubts about Barack Obama — even though the Illinois senator has been on the national stage for four years and has been under the presidential campaign microscope for the last 20 months. They seem to have no qualms appealing to the cultural fears of their agitated, and now energized, base by practically branding Obama as un-American or anti-American. And this is eliciting an ugliness at McCain-Palin events that is justifiably raising alarms that some nut job is going to act on the Republican ticket’s cynical campaigning.

For two days now, there have been stories about boisterous McCain-Palin supporters screaming inflammatory words at the very mention of Obama’s name. Words like “terrorist” and “Kill him!” and “treason.” And at no point has McCain or Palin called on those folks and others who would imitate them to stop. It reminds me of McCain’s laughing response, during the primaries, when a South Carolina supporter asked, in reference to Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, “How do we beat the bitch?”


Judging by this picture — taken on Oct. 5 on Mickle Hill Road in Warren County, Pa., by Maryland resident Kurt Kolaja, who was attending a wedding in the area — the McCain campaign is tapping into an even more unsavory strain of anger within the electorate.

Or how about this one, taken just down the road by Kolaja’s daughter



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