New Mexico Independent: Let’s talk about ‘verbal terrorism’

New Mexico Independent

Let’s talk about ‘verbal terrorism’

Obama and his racist supporters have gone too far. Comparing Sen. John McCain and Gov. Sarah Palin to Democrat Gov. George Wallace has to be the straw that breaks the camel’s back!

How come Obama and his far left thugs continue to accuse Republicans of bringing race into this campaign when the fact is the only people who constantly bring race up are the left-wingers themselves? Why do the media let them get away with the continued hate-mongering and divisive race-baiting that the Obama campaign relishes? Can you imagine if a Republican said any of the things that Congressman John Lewis said? Not only is the smearing wrong, just in principle, it is also wrong in terms of any bearing it might have on actual history.

It is yet another in the continuous examples of how the liberal educational systems have failed to pass on any knowledge of history to the modern age of consumers.

George C. Wallace was a lifelong Democrat who was elected governor of Alabama on a segregationist platform in 1962. Segregation as a public policy idea came from the Democratic Party of the post-Reconstruction era as the Democrats sought to prevent a competitive two-party system in about 16 states. No Republican platform ever endorsed segregation. Keep that in mind.

Raising these questions isn’t racist. It is the right and duty of the American voter prior to making a decision about who should be elected President of the United States. If the media refuse to ask questions, then every American should stand up and ask why?

We have shrunk to a place wherein Obama and his surrogates call almost every questioner a “racist.” If you cannot ask about his relationship with a terrorist, a racist preacher, his political background and his public voting record, then why even have an election? Let’s just let the “Ministry of Information and Truth” simply announce that an election has been held and that Obama has won. We have descended into a surreal Orwellian world in which this appears to be the only approach that can avoid the omnipresent charge of “racism.”

We as Americans — regardless of whether you are liberal or conservative — should be up in arms about how the Obama campaign is acting. We should all be asking if the mainstream media are going to do their jobs, going to ask the tough questions of ALL candidates.


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