Nashville Post Politics: Race Base

Nashville Post Politics

Race Base

Terry Frank thinks both Lamar Alexander and Barack Obama have a few things to learn on the subject of racial politics — from Harold Ford, Jr.

Unlike Barack Obama, Harold Ford Jr. didn’t campaign as a history maker because of his race. Oh, the Tennessean tried to set it up that way, but it didn’t come from the campaign. Jr. campaigned as a Tennessean with ideas and policies that he favored. And he ran a neck and neck race in a state where Barack Obama is now getting stomped in all polling. And minus the mega-millions from one of the very richest members of our U.S. Senate and the rain cloud courtesy of his corrupt uncle, he would probably be our U.S. Senator today.

Jr. has transcended race more than Barack Obama could ever dream of transcending. And that’s because Jr. focused on ideas, on Tennesseans, and on policy.

Alexander could learn a few things from Harold Ford Jr. And that would be appealing to the black community based on ideas and on policy just as Harold Ford appealed to whites in Tennessee. Pandering won’t ever deliver the GOP any votes and never has.

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