American Thinker: Raising George Wallace from the dead – again

American Thinker

Raising George Wallace from the dead – again

We at American Thinker have been documenting this incredible meme being advanced in the press and among liberal commentators that McCain rallies are somehow turning into “angry mobs” bent on violence.

Anyone who watches a video of these rallies gets a much different impression. In fact, placing a video of a McCain rally beside one by Obama, and using the yardstick of how excited the crowds get when one of the candidates toss some partisan red meat out into the audience, I daresay Obama crowds come out “more hateful” than McCain gatherings.

But of course, the left knows this and are advancing the false narrative anyway. It is useful to play the race card in this manner because it stifles free expression and dampens enthusiasm at GOP rallies while tarring McCain and his supporters with the smear of “racist.”

As for Wallace, can’t we just let the old bigot lie in peace? The idea that anything McCain has said, hinted, thought, or dreamed can be construed as encouraging or enabling racist outbursts by his audiences is a lie. Jackson knows it. He’s just flinging dirt and playing the race card because so many others are doing it.

I will put it to you this way. Which is more dangerous: playing the race card to deliberately stifle free speech while smearing the candidate and his followers with the worst label in American politics? Or is it more problematic to watch happy, excited people cheering for their candidate when he or she attacks the opponent for his beliefs, his character, or his associations?

I take the race card head on with no apologies for political correctness on my own blog: “Black Night Riders Terrorizing our Politics.”

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