AmericaBlog: “Testy” McCain calls Virginia’s GOP chair “somebody no one knows about”


“Testy” McCain calls Virginia’s GOP chair “somebody no one knows about”

The Green Miles at Raising Kaine has the goods on McCain’s latest outburst on a Richmond, Virginia radio show today. 

See, McCain thinks it’s okay for the Chair of Virginia’s Republican Party to compare Barack Obama to Osama bin Laden (because the head of the entire Republican party in Virginia is a nobody, according to McCain), but no one can challenge the Erratic One, via The Washington Post:

McCain added, “I am proud of our campaign. I am proud of the campaign I have done, so Jimmy, you’re off base when you compare the two statements. One from a most respected member of Congress and civil rights leader and one from somebody no one knows about which we have repudiated continuously.”

When pressed by the host, McCain grew testy. “Don’t compare the two my friend…I am telling you, my friend, they are not comparable.”

Adds Miles:

Jeff Frederick is not just “some individual” in the Virginia Republican Party. He’s the chair. Is the Virginia Republican party chairman just a figurehead, no different from the rank-and-file? And the GOP chair in the state McCain lives in most of the year and in which his campaign is based is “somebody no one knows about”?

Finally, can McCain get through even one interview without getting angry? You know he’s mad when he uses “my friend” twice in one sentence.


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