RedState: John Lewis is a Race Baiter


John Lewis is a Race Baiter

Let’s just call John Lewis (D-GA) what he is: a race baiter.

It is not deniable. It is not controversial. John Lewis, who made history standing up for civil rights, has become a parody of his former self. It is somewhat understandable. He struggled for civil rights in the sixties. He saw friends gun downed by white police officers and was himself targeted.

But John Lewis has never put aside the legitimate hate he developed in the sixties. All struggles now are as bad as struggles then for John Lewis. He uses his celebrity to drive the hyperbole of race baiting.

The left may not like me saying it, but it is the truth.

The message is clear: Vote Republican and you go back to slavery.

John Lewis is a race baiter. The man who routinely sows seeds of hatred in the black community against the white community is really in no position to accuse John McCain of anything.


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