Newsweek: Outside The Beltway: Obama Losing Whites, Winning the Election?

Newsweek: Outside The Beltway

Obama Losing Whites, Winning the Election?

Matt Yglesias points to a new ABC/WaPo survey showing the racial breakdown in the presidential race: Among all white voters, McCain leads Obama by 7 points, 52-45 percent; that, however, is a bit less than the average Republican advantage among whites in presidential elections. Obama makes it back with 95 percent of blacks, as well as clear majority support among Hispanics. Ezra Klein notes that, if this holds, it’ll mean that McCain will simultaneously win whites and lose the presidency. He fears this will lead to lingering questions of legitimacy and goes to great pains to argue that a coalition of minorities with a large number of white is just as legitimate as one with a majority of whites and relatively few minorities.


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