Booker Rising: Quote Of The Day

Booker Rising

Quote Of The Day

“Republican Senator John McCain, who is vying to become President of The United States, politely told a white female supporter in Columbus, Ohio on Friday that Senator Barack Obama is a ‘decent family man (and) citizen that I just happen to have disagreements with on fundamental issues’ when the woman suggested that Senator Barack Obama is an Arab. In his surprising defense of Senator Obama, I think Senator McCain made a big political gaffe. Although it seemed unintentional, Senator McCain dissed the hell out of Arabs when he tried nobly to dispel the rumor about Senator Barack Obama. In my opinion, Senator McCain should have been astute enough to not only inform the ignorant woman that Senator Obama is not an Arab, but he should have offered to her too that there is nothing inherently wrong with being Arab or a person of Arab descent; and based on what I have observed, the media is not highlighting this gaffe by Senator McCain much.” — Terrence Says, black moderate blog


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