The UpTake: McCain Volunteer Sends Out “Obama is an Arab” Letters

The UpTake (10/12/08)

McCain Volunteer Sends Out “Obama is an Arab” Letters

Gayle Quinnel, a John McCain supporter says at a McCain Rally that “Obama is an Arab”. She is quickly corrected by John McCain who takes away her microphone.

Quinnel says she obtained the information on Obama being an Arab at “her local library” and from a pamphlet obtained at a local McCain campaign office (provided by a fellow volunteer not the campaign itself). She has taken it upon herself to redistribute the information as widely as possible by making copies of the pamphlet and sending it to random names in the phone book.


4 Responses

  1. If you google Obama’s background, he does have Arab blood in him, more than Black blood if you want to go that far… Arab background is what it is; we don’t know HIS heart… but from his books, he’s said if things get ugly he’d go muslim… I just got an email to that effect and will forward it to you if you give me an email address.

  2. In response to kibby’s comment above: My dear, I get e-mails all of the time telling me how much better my erections will be if only take a certain “natural supplement, ” how much I could save on my mortgage, and that there are a slew of East European blonds who are just dying to “chat” with me. Should I believe everything I read that comes through my in-box?

    Do you know what the definition of “Arab” is? According to Princeton University’s WordNet, an Arab is a member of a Semitic people originally from the Arabian peninsula and surrounding territories who speaks Arabic and who inhabits much of the Middle East and northern Africa. Can you please explain to me where Kenya, from where Obama’s father originates, fits into that description? Or are you simply an adherent of the “One Drop Rule”?

    I should add that I am a registered Independent voter. I am not stumping for the Democratic ticket, I simply have a very low tolerance for ignorance and stupidity.

  3. Amy, I am not taking sides here…but ancestory goes further than just his father…and people do migrate from region to region. Again, I am not taking sides or saying BO is or isn’t of Arab blood…but I just can’t tolerate ignorance and stupidity either.

  4. correction typo…that would be “ancestry”

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