Scoop This: What is so magical about the race card?

Scoop This

What is so magical about the race card?

So, if you criticize a black liberal politician, you are automatically a racist? What happened to questioning the government and those directly involved in government decisions? Does the freedom to question only apply to liberals and 9/11 Truthers? Well, I will question every single friendship, public and personal decision, written note, authored book, legislative measure, and every word ever uttered by Barack Obama.

Liberal tactics do not work on Scoop This. We are consistently and absolutely correct 100% of the time. I hope all of our readers are taking note of the truth we expose on a daily basis. Please be smart on November 4th, because if Barack Obama is nominated President, many of you liberals may be wishing for a Hillary Clinton presidency by this time next year. Also, conservatives, if you do not get out and vote for John McCain and Sarah Palin, you may very will live to regret the next four years. If you survive the next four years…

An imperfect conservative, John McCain, is better than a perfected Socialist, Barack Obama.


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