Newsweek: The Moderate Voice: And So It All Comes Down to Ayers…

Newsweek: The Moderate Voice

And So It All Comes Down to Ayers…

As I have mentioned before and it is hardly a radical observation the McCain-Palin campaign is trying to shift the race away from the issues, and specifically the economy, and towards and an all-too-common Republican strategy. More specifically, what they want is for the race to be sort of culture war in microcosm: On one side are McCain the war hero POW and Palin the gun-slinging hockey mom. This is the real America, the Heartland, and McCain and Pallin are the outsiders and reformists fighting for the people against Washington, New York, and Hollywood. On the other side are Obama the the dangerous, uppity black guy with the imposing black wife and the Muslim middle name who hangs out with terrorists and Biden the consummate…

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