National Journal: Blogometer: Now It’s Personal

National Journal: Blogometer

Now It’s Personal

Liberal bloggers are buzzing about the angry tone of recent John McCain events, where furious GOPers are denouncing Barack Obama as a “terrorist” and a “traitor.” Liberal bloggers are accusing McCain and Sarah Palin (and their surrogates whoinvoke Obama’s middle name “Hussein”) of stoking these ugly sentiments by portraying Obama as a dangerous unknown who sympathizes with terrorists. Manybloggers believe that the McCain camp is playing with fire by using such inflammatory language. Daily Kos‘ Hunter warns: “Inciting right wing crowds to consider an American presidential candidate a ‘terrorist’ isn’t merely dirty politics or otherwise unseemly — it comes uncomfortably close to implicitly encouraging actual violence.”

On the right side of the blogosphere, conservative bloggers continue to hammerObama over his ties to ex-Weatherman William Ayers and other unsavory figures. Several righty bloggers are even tying Ayers to the financial crisis and speculatingabout the possibility that Ayers wrote Obama’s autobiography, Dreams From My Father. Liberal bloggers, meanwhile, are accusing McCain of cowardice because he’s willing to attack Obama over his ties to Ayers but not willing to raise the issue during debates. John Cole complains: “John McCain had 90 minutes to bring this stuff up to Obama, to his face, and passed. John McCain is a coward.

ACORN: Barack ACORN Obama?

Conservative bloggers are attacking Obama over his ties to the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, or ACORN:

  • NRO‘s Jim Geraghty: “So we have an organization that has been joined at the hip with Obama from the beginning of his career, whose members have been convicted in Washington state, Wisconsin and Colorado, and had various forms of reprimand, investigation, indictment, and other run-ins with the law and state election authorities in Virginia, Texas, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Ohio, New Mexico, North Carolina, Missouri, Michigan, Florida, Arkansas. Perhaps most disturbingly, the organization has repeatedly entrusted convicted felons with voters’ most sensitive personal information, sort of a small business assistance program for aspiring identity thieves. Is it time for Americans to tell ACORN to get out of their faces? Or perhaps for law enforcement to get into their faces? Or perhaps some media entity should get in Obama’s face about why one of his longtime allies keeps coming up in investigations of vote fraud?”
  • RedState‘s Dan McLaughlin: “During the 2008 Democrat primary, the Obama campaign paid Citizen Services Inc., a subsidiary of ACORN, more than $800,000, a payment that Obama’s campaign somehow managed to misreport to the FEC. As of yet, we can only speculate about why Obama is lying about his involvement with ACORN, what other aspects of that relationship he has failed to disclose, and what other things have been conveniently ‘disappeared’ from his Chicago past.”


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