411mania: Race Card!


Race Card!


Let’s just say it. If you buy into this Bill Ayers, this Barack “Hussein” Obama crap, there is something wrong with you.

I mean that from the bottom of my heart. You can not like Obama. There’s nothing wrong with thinking Obama is a slimy politician, thinking he is full of hot air. You can think anything at all that you want about his personality. But if what you hold against him has anything to do with his being anti-American, with his wanting to HURT America intentionally in any way at all–you need to look at yourself, because that’s a problem with you.

If you really, sincerely believe, that Barack Obama was “paling around with terrorists”, that there is anything in this Bill Ayers nonsense, your dislike of Barack Obama was already illegitimate.

It’s not a coincidence that most of the people who are talking about this are the same people who always introduce Obama as “Barack Hussein Obama”. 

What pisses these people off more? That he’s black, or that he’s muslim? They can’t even decide what racist to be.

You know, Pat Buchanan is right, and how serious I am should be reflected by my willingness to say that. 

Saw him tonight on Hardball, and no, I never watch Hardball because I don’t need a purely left outlook on these things. But there’s a break between one Scrubs and another, and it happened.

Pat Buchanan said that it may be true that this is desperation and that this is ridiculous but that it’s up to the American people to judge. And they will, he intimated, feel that it’s nonsense. I agree.

But I just want to say out loud, once, that those of you who buy this, those of you who buy these ideas—Obama the terrorist, Obama the one-man cell, Obama, who’s running to be president of America to destroy America—You. Are. A. Racist.

John McCain’s just doing it as a desperation move, to try to win an election. What the hell is your excuse? 


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