SF Chronicle: Veiled racism seen in new attacks on Obama

SF Chronicle

Veiled racism seen in new attacks on Obama

As CNN’s pundits wondered whether instant post-debate polls favoring Sen. Barack Obama meant he would win on election day, analyst David Gergen – who has been an adviser to Republican and Democratic presidents – stopped them

“I think it’s too early to declare victory, because Barack Obama is black,” Gergen said Tuesday night. “And until we play out the issue of race in this country, I don’t think we’ll know and maybe (not until) late in the campaign.”

While Obama’s campaign has fended off racially rooted attacks since its inception, analysts say the ones surfacing in the past few days have been more overt, arriving as many undecided voters are making their final decision. They are part of a recent stream of attacks on his background, including his religion and his connections to a former ’60s radical.

“It is the Willie Hortonization of Obama,” said University of San Francisco associate professor of political science James Taylor.


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