Nashville Post Politics: A Trump Card That Can Never Be Played

Nashville Post Politics

A Trump Card That Can Never Be Played

Elrod discusses why the McCain campaign will never sanction an attack on Obama based on his former friendship with his radical, black militant preacher:

By invoking Reverend Wright, McCain would be explicitly injecting racial anxiety into the campaign. Wright, more than a radical preacher in most people’s eyes is a BLACK militant – a quasi-Farrakhan type. He symbolizes all that terrifies vaguely racist whites about African Americans in this country.

And the invocation of him would invite reaction from the crowd that would make “terrorist” seem like small potatoes. Yes, openly racist people would feel emboldened to attend a McCain/Palin rally and yell bigoted comments that would, undoubtedly, be picked up by the media. The rallies would be easily mocked as veritable Klan rallies as angry white mobs shout racial epithets at the very name of Jeremiah Wright. McCain would lose control of the issue and it would backfire.

That is why we will never hear about Jeremiah Wright from the McCain campaign. Much as some on the right would love to use it as a trump card against Obama, McCain’s top staff know that Wright would be like a live grenade that could blow up in their face. And they don’t want to go there


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