More responses from our Foxnews piece…

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“That one”.

You guys are pathetic – you see George Wallace behind every rock and tree. By the way, Wallace was a Democrat.

Hope & Change


From: thomas flynn []


In regards to last night’s debate and the comment Senator McCain made, you can read into it what you what but don’t play the race card again…it has been done too much and it is getting old.  Plus I will say not as a racist but as an American, white American’s are tired of hearing this.


Tom Flynn


From:  John White []

“That one!”

Dear Ms. Miley,

I just read your comments contained in the following article:

You are a moron.  Grow up.

John White
Chicago, IL



From: andre mcknight []

John McCain’s – that one –remark

I am a black American and I think you guys are being totally ridiculous. Mr McCain’s remarks was not at all racist! I am so sick of loony white liberals using black folks to get the races into a negative frenzy . Stop  inciting racial conflicts- making something to be much to do about nothing!! It may have been a little hard, but McCain has done the same  type of thing with Romney,as well, and he is a white guy!! Come on people!  Stop treating Obama like some spoil little kid who easily gets his feelings hurt. Stop treating him like a wimp! A punk!! A little delicate flower!!!  I don’t like the guy ,but you guys are stripping him of ALL man hood. Let him defend himself  for Christ sake!!!  This is ridiculous and you are causing way more problems than  you are helping!   It’s reckless!!  As a black person, It makes me very suspicious of your true intent…

Andre McKnight


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  1. Go on w/ yo’ bad selves! As soon as I read that McCain said ‘that one’ in the debate (I didn’t watch it—was a little too tired of the election madness to get into it) i thought, ‘Wow, how unprofessional, not to mention objectifying and dehumanizing.’ Which is exactly what racism–overt or covert–is, dehumanizing and totally unprofessional. 😉

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