Chicas in the City: The Riot Corner

Chicas in the City

The Riot Corner

I hate the John McCain Campaign. There, I said it. It’s not just because I’m pro-Obama or anti-Palin or anti-McCain. While that is true, my hatred stems from the desperate, blatant xenophobic and racist slant the McCain camp is taking as it tries to come up in the polls a few short weeks before the election. The latest “Who is the real Barack Obama?” crap is ticking me off. They’re trying to link him to a domestic terrorist, they’re calling him by his full name with an emphasis on Hussein, they are looking at his fundraising records for foreign sounding names to see if he’s got Osama and his cousins donating to his campaign–it is disgusting. It has gotten to the point where at Palin rallies, nuts are shouting out about Obama “Terrorist” “Treason” “Kill him.” Seriously? We are in the worst financial crisis in decades and the best thing the McCain camp can do is race bait and portray Barack Obama as a black American hating treasonous Islamic terrorist? That’s the best the McCain campaign can offer–fear mongering, religious intolerance and racism? I’ve gone beyond losing respect for John McCain and his campaign, I loathe them for their disgraceful tactics. I will definitely not be voting for “that one.”


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