Start Thinking Right: Obama Surrogates Turn Race Card Into Hint Of Race RIOTS

Start Thinking Right

Obama Surrogates Turn Race Card Into Hint Of Race RIOTS

Black people are violent.  Unlike white people, they can’t control their emotions or their frustrations.  Unlike previous elections where only white candidates lost, if Barack Obama loses, black people may well have their fragile psyches shatter and riot in the streets.

Sound racist?  It sure does to me.

But, it isn’t, because it was a liberal who hinted at that possibility.  What IS racist – according to some idiot at the Associated Press – was Sarah Palin’s remark that Barack Obama was “palling around” with terrorist William Ayers.  William Ayers is white, fyi.

Do you see just how biased, warped, and psychologically unhinged the media is?  Sarah Palin says, what, that Barack Obama has been friends with and worked in partnership for an admitted terrorist bomber.  And that’s “racially tinged.”

Meanwhile, on CNN, a discussion among Obama surrogates and card-carrying members of the liberal mainstream media turned the race “card” into a race “hand grenade” and flung it into the crowd.  And that isn’t “racially tinged.”

And then James Carville dropped the race bomb:

CARVILLE: Let me be clear, I said you can call the dogs and light the fire and leave the house. I think it sounds over.

Now let me be clear here, if Obama goes in this race with a 5- point lead and losing this election, the consequences are — bull, man. I mean I don’t think that’s going to happen, but I think David it’s a point to bring up.

But you stop and contemplate this country if Obama goes in and he has a consistent five point lead and loses the election, it would be very, very, very dramatic out there.

What consequenes are you talking about, James?  Who are you expecting to do what, and why are you anticipating it?  And what kind of “drama” are you talking about?  Are you suggesting that, if Barack Obama loses, entrants into various drama contests around the country will increase?

He’s talking about race riots.  He’s introducing the threat that millions of black people will come unglued.

Let me slant Jame’s Carville’s comment into the “racially tinged” angle the way the Associate Press did with Sarah Palin’s comments:

You better make sure Barack Obama gets elected, white people.  Because black people aren’t like white people.  They don’t have the ability to control their emotions the way white people do.  You know how violent “those people” can be.


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