Right Wing News: Racist Americans

Right Wing News:

Racist Americans

You have read here before my supposition that if Obama loses, America will be proclaimed racist. It is not, of course, racist if a person votes for Obama only because he’s black.

Shrinkwrapped wrote an excellent post titled “Some Thoughts on Race, Racism, Capitalism, and Paradigm Shifts” and you MUST read it:

I do not think America is a racist country yet that is a subtext of Barack Obama’s candidacy. Every criticism of Obama is immediately attacked as racism and we have already been told that if Obama is repudiated it will be because Americans are racist. Only by electing Barack Obama can we prove to the world and to ourselves that America is no longer a racist country. Beyond the “boy who cried wolf” quality of the charge, I suspect a great many Americans resent being called racist for opposing a candidate who is not only as far to the left as any candidate in memory but also uses race to further his political interests.

It’s not skin color, it’s ideology. Beliefs matter. If Obama loses, it won’t be his skin color that decides it. It will be the fact that he’s a liberal who doesn’t seem to like America very much.


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  1. I Like this website, I am white and from South-Africa. People in Europe and America are so naïve; they have absolutely no idée of what happens when white people are a minority in a country. They probably think we would all dance around a fire holding hands singing “kumbaja”. But we are your future and we know better, you might enjoy this link a very thought provoking article: http://www.brusselsjournal.com/node/3612 and this one on Obama even better http://www.vdare.com/mercer/081019_inevitable.htm


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