Right Wing News: BHO’s First Name Explained

Right Wing News

BHO’s First Name Explained


Obama’s exotic name has a special appeal for his supporters. Aside from his skin color and the astonishing fanaticism of the left-wing militants who make up his inner circle, he has no other characteristics that would compensate for his conspicuous lack of qualifications. Obama sounds like Osama; liberals themselves seem to be the most likely to confuse the two. Hussein is of course the name of a genocidal socialist dictator with whom we were effectively at war for over a decade. But what’s so special about the name Barack?

It turns out Buraq is the name of the mythical creature that carried Mohammad off to heaven, though non-Muslims have reason to believe the prophet was more likely to have headed in the opposite direction. Just as Obama is half African and half American, Buraq was half mule and half donkey.

Muslims could certainly find some symbolism in an American president who would be highly unlikely to effectively resist Islamic terror and expansionism being named after a vehicle for the ascension of Muhammad.



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