HillBuzz: Black Congressmen play race card again today: now calling Sarah Palin racist


Black Congressmen play race card again today: now calling Sarah Palin racist

Well, it’s Tuesday. 

Who’s playing the race card now?

Black Congressmen, of course!

To recap, it’s racist to question SoetorObama about anything. It’s racist to call him out for associating with terrorist William Ayers, for CHOOSING to embrace an unrepentant terrorist to expedite his political rise. Racist, racist, racist.

You see, anything short of pure fawning of SoetorObama is racist.  You must accept him as your Lord and Savior — and, frankly, it’s not only racist, but blasphemy to do anything else.

Can you imagine how insufferable the next 4 years would be with this stuff? If – Heaven forbid – SoetorObama was elected, no one would be allowed to challenge him on anything…we’d hear non-stop RACIST! RACIST! RACIST! over and over again each and every day.

It would, in fact, become a dictatorship, where the glorious leader is never allowed to be questioned, and whose followers use threats and thuggery to quash all dissent and challenges. We thought things were bad after 911 when anyone questioning the government was called unpatriotic — this RACIST! stuff is even worse.

It needs to stop.


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