Right Wing News: Thought Of The Day: “That’s Racist” Is Becoming Irrelevant.

Right Wing News

Thought Of The Day: “That’s Racist” Is Becoming Irrelevant.

One happy side effect of the Obama campaign is that it’s going to destroy the effectiveness of the Left’s “That’s racist” attack forever. As the phrase is used more and more, in increasingly ridiculous ways, people are becoming numb to it — and if people are indifferent to being called racist, because it’s so overused, it has no power.

Yes, there may be rare times when “That’s racist” is genuinely called for, but America isn’t a racist society, white people are as likely to be held back by racism as blacks these days, and the old Democratic KKK style bigots (other than Robert Byrd) are almost universally considered to be fringe loonies.

So, it’s about time we got to this point.

PS: Next step, killing Affirmative Action, which is racist, un-American, and should be unconstitutional — once and for all


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  1. I read some of the comments and looked at the site from where this typical white trash kind of talking point comes from and I can say that the reason the word “racist” carries no weight is because whites use it as a badge of honor.

    Whites who seem to value their racist views and a sense of entitlement about having them above most things, even human life, don’t see their racism as a problem or anything to be ashamed of, but rather those that point it out as the problem.

    So the word “racist” never had any relevance because they don’t see it as revelant and they are the dominant group in this country which is a dominant country of the world.

    Just to show you that they are the dominant group, they’ve taken a word with no relevance, complained about it as if it was relevant, and are now celebrating that due to the fault of those they are racist against the word is becoming irrelevant.

    This is the kind of nonsense that an over privleged group of spoiled kids that have nothing to worry about nor have to over work to survive can do as a luxury while others support their sckewed system on their backs. These whites live and opine on top of that systematic platform, complaining about those that support them on it.

    These are the same cave dwellers who for a short while became lords and serfs, then quickly gained technology that helped them dominate and exploit others and never learned how to be fellow human beings with other groups. They cannot exist as equals with others and have a built in need to dominate and despise. The world would be much better without them, they know this and have an equally built in sense of being under constant threat – for good reason.

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