Washington Independent: Is the ‘Southern Strategy’ Alive and Well?

Washington Independent

Is the ‘Southern Strategy’ Alive and Well?

It is getting pretty ugly on the road with the McCain campaign — and that may be an indication the character attacks on Sen. Barack Obama are working.

After Gov. Sarah Palin spent a couple of days making an issue of Obama’s connection to former Weatherman William Ayers, Sen. John McCain yesterday asked a rally in New Mexico, “Who is the real Barack Obama?” One audience member ignored the rhetorical nature of the question and cried out, “A terrorist!”

Perhaps the most disturbing part of the exchange was that many in the crowd laughed. Not nervously, as if shocked that somebody would say something so outrageous,  but as if they genuinely thought the remark was funny.

The Washington Post’s Dana Milbank reported that during a rally in Florida when Palin said that Ayers was an early supporter of Obama, somebody yelled, “Kill him!”

Milbank wrote today that Palin’s frequent attacks on the media also have provoked an ugly crowd reaction:

In Clearwater, arriving reporters were greeted with shouts and taunts by the crowd of about 3,000. Palin then went on to blame Katie Couric’s questions for her “less-than-successful interview with kinda mainstream media.” At that, Palin supporters turned on reporters in the press area, waving thunder sticks and shouting abuse. Others hurled obscenities at a camera crew. One Palin supporter shouted a racial epithet at an African American sound man for a network, and told him, “Sit down, boy.”

All this happened yesterday. One day does not make a trend — but it does provide an indicator for what may be happening.

Pink Flamingo: Obama, Anti-Semitism & the Economy

Pink Flamingo

Obama, Anti-Semitism & the Economy

This weekend Sean Hannity uncovered a link between Barack Obama and Khalid Abdullah Tariq al-Mansour.  Gateway Pundit has a clip from Hannity’s special about Obama’s associates.


For those idiots who do not know history, there is a known correlation between bad economic times and anti-Semitism. There area already indications that this type of obscenity has already begun.  To make matters worse, there are additional indications that Barack Obama has associates who are extremely anti-Semitic and pro-Islamic.  Getting back to our historical illiterates, let’s do a quickie history of anti-Semitism. 

Salon: Glenn Greenwald: John McCain’s unprecedentedly ugly speech today

Salon: Glenn Greenwald

John McCain’s unprecedentedly ugly speech today

And just now, John McCain — speaking in New Mexico — delivered one of the ugliest, nastiest, most invective-filled personality attacks a major candidate has ever delivered, blatantly designed to stoke raw racial resentments and depict Obama as a Manchurian candidate funded by secret Arab Terrorist sources — a truly unstable and hate-mongering rant filled with lines like these, delivered with an angry scowl to screaming, howling, booing throngs, while Cindy McCain stood behind him shaking her head in disgust at each fact she heard about the Black Terrorist daring to challenge her husband:

I don’t need any lessons in being honest with the American people, and if I did, I wouldn’t seek it from a Chicago politician. . . . There’s much we don’t know about Senator Obama. For a guy who has authored two memoirs, he’s not exactly an open book. Who is the real Barack Obama? 

It’s as if somehow the usual rules don’t apply, and where other candidates have to explain themselves and their records, Senator Obama seems to think he is above all that . . . His campaign had to return $33,000 in illegal foreign funds from Palestinian donors, and this weekend, we found out about another $28,000 in illegal donations. Why has Senator Obama refused to disclose the people who are funding his campaign? Again, the American people deserve answers.

I wonder what it is about Obama that allows “the usual rules not to apply” to him? McCain also repeatedly claimed that the fault of the financial crisis lies with Democrats who (despite controlling no branches of Government) forced banks to give mortgages to poor people who couldn’t afford them (which, as we’ve seenmeans minorities) and that Obama “aided and abetted” these practices. What are typically Rovian attack themes disseminated underneath the surface are being unleashed in their naked, unhidden form. As Marc Ambinder just put it with real understatement: “Sen. Barack Obama is, Sen. McCain said in New Mexico just now, a mystery, a liar, complicit in the economic crisis and an unaccomplished naïf, at all the same time.”


Essence: Roland Martin


OK, I’m not trying to be the race guy, but these labels are driving me nuts!

Earlier today there was a piece on Joe Sixpack, and not a single African American, Hispanic or Asian was interviewed.

Now, do these groups drink six packs? Yep. But don’t we know that Palin isn’t talking to them? Yep. So why not just say it?

We even played a soundbite of Palin saying Joe Sixpack and hockey moms. Trust me, she’s not speaking to anyone who looks like me!

But there are other terms that have been thrown around by candidates, political strategists and the media, and no one wants to be honest as to who we are talking about.

Wal-mart moms. Soccer moms. NASCAR dads. Small town America.

Seriously. Read all of those phrases, and when you think of who candidates, political strategists and the media are talking about, who immediately comes to mind? I can tell you no one black, Hispanic or Asian!

So, can we just stop the nonsense and say, all at once – WHITE AMERICANS.

I just think it’s so obvious, but it as if we – the collective media – just doesn’t want to say it

Politico: Race drives strategy, stirs uncertainty


Race drives strategy, stirs uncertainty

By far the most likely thing that could derail Obama’s victory is a racial backlash that is not visible in today’s polls but is waiting to surge on Election Day — coaxed to the surface (to the extent coaxing is needed) with the help of coded appeals from McCain and his conservative allies.

Racial issues tend to hover in the background in much of the public analysis of the Obama-McCain horserace — often mentioned but not usually as the dominant factor. By contrast, it is increasingly the subject of obsessive interest in the nonstop, not-for-attribution conversation that takes place between reporters, political analysts and campaign sources in the heat of an election.

As a result, much of the news coverage and commentary that the media will produce over the next month will flow from the assumption that racial antagonisms are an unexploded bomb in this contest. By this logic, if Obama does not head into Nov. 4 with a lead of at least several points in the polls, there is a good chance he’ll be swamped by prejudice that will flourish in the privacy of the voting booth.

“If Obama loses a close race,” James Carville told our colleague David Paul Kuhn, “it is almost inevitable that [racism] will be a very big part of the interpretation of the race.”

Politico: Do voters lie about racial concerns?


Do voters lie about racial concerns?

Less than a week before the 1989 election for Virginia governor, two newspaper polls showed L. Douglas Wilder, a black Democrat, comfortably ahead of his GOP opponent by between 9 and 11 points. But when the ballots were counted, it was a nail-biter that Wilder won by fewer than 7,000 votes. 

Political scientists dubbed it “the Wilder effect,” or referred to it by its earlier name, “the Bradley effect,” after Tom Bradley, the black mayor of Los Angeles who lost the 1982 California governor’s contest despite being up in the polls by as much as 22 points in the weeks before Election Day. 

“The Wilder effect, the Bradley effect, is on the minds of everybody, without exception,” Neil Newhouse, who directs NBC News/Wall Street Journal polling, said, referring to what pollsters say is the phenomenon of some white people lying to pollsters about their support for black candidates. 

The experiences of Bradley and Wilder loom ominously over Barack Obama’s presidential campaign, although opinion about the evidence of racially skewed polling in the election is mixed, political analysts said, and it was not seen in the Democratic primaries. 

A GOP pollster, who requested anonymity to speak candidly, said that his surveys suggested polls were slightly overestimating support for Obama. 

A Democratic pollster, who also would not be quoted by name, said that when he surveyed Pennsylvania union members — who as a group tend to be older, white and working class — he found a striking 20 percent difference between how whites responded when questioned by blacks and how they responded when questioned by other whites. 

Politico: It’s NOT the racial issues, stupid


It’s NOT the racial issues, stupid

Never mind polls. Pennsylvania state Sen. Lisa M. Boscola does not need numbers to understand the meaning of the voices she hears while knocking on doors in her Lehigh Valley district.

“I’m hearing, ‘Oh, you know, he’s just not ready.’ I don’t know whether some of that has to do with his color. I think some of it does,” said Boscola, a veteran Democrat from Northampton County in the Lehigh Valley. “They say that they don’t trust him, and I don’t get it. What is it about him that’s bothering them? … It has to be [about his race], because they’re trying to find an excuse.”

In the suburbs of Columbus, Ohio, Nancy Garland, a Democrat who is running for state representative, says she’s hearing the same thing, even if few will say so in plain terms.

“Nobody will say that to you, but it’s, you know, the 100-pound gorilla in the room,” said Garland. “I have an individual that I see that works in a hair salon … and she says [Barack Obama is] a Muslim, and I say, ‘No, he’s not.’”

Yet at the same time, many of these politicians are reporting another phenomenon — that there is one central concern at the moment, the economy, and it seems to trump all others, even deep-seated racial prejudice.