Newsweek: TalkLeft: McCain Portrays Obama as Scary Mystery

Newsweek: TalkLeft

McCain Portrays Obama as Scary Mystery

John McCain’s strategy of the day tacitly accepts voter disapproval of his Bush-like positions on the important issues. Even if you think my ideas are bad, he seems to be saying , at least you know who I am. That Obama, we know nothing about him. Doesn’t that scare you even more than I do? The Arizona senator, a veteran of more than two decades in Congress, told his audience that while he is a known quantity the same cannot be said about Obama, who is midway through his first term as a senator from Illinois. “You need to know who you’re putting in the White House where the candidate came from and what he or she believes,” McCain said. “And you need to know now, before it is time to choose.”


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