NewsBusters: ‘SNL’ Skit Blames Democrats For Financial Crisis


‘SNL’ Skit Blames Democrats For Financial Crisis

NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” last evening amazingly blamed Democrats for the current financial crisis, and accurately informed viewers that the Bush administration warned about the looming calamity many years ago.

This came roughly 24 hours after actor Alec Baldwin made the same claim on HBO’s “Real Time.”

In addition, much like a report Matthew Sheffield and I did for the Capital Research Center last month, “SNL” exposed the money behind far-leftwing causes and entities in a stunningly accurate fashion, including chiding hyper-partisan billionaire George Soros as being the owner of the Democratic Party.


  • Herbert and Marion Sandler (played by Darrell Hammond and Casey Wilson respectively), the former banking moguls now with clear financial ties to ultra-leftwing outlets such as the Center for American Progress and Media Matters for America, were exposed as major players in the subprime mortgage market before they sold their company, Golden West Financial, to Wachovia. Under their captioned names on screen, the words “People who should be shot” were displayed. 
  • George Soros (played by Will Forte) told viewers that all of the $700 billion coming from the recently passed bailout bill is going to him. Under his captioned name on the screen were the words “Multi-billionaire Hedge Fund Manager, Owner, Democratic Party.”


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