NextRight: The Racebaiting Media


The Racebaiting Media

Why are  Douglass K. Daniel, the Associated Press and Andrew Sullivan so eager to race-bait?

I’m not saying they’re racists, per se, but it is rather remarkable how often they imagine they’re hearing “dog whistles”.  It’s even more remarkable that they have no problem fomenting racial tension for political gain every time they find a way to infer racism.

On the other hand, perhaps there’s no important distinction between “racist” and “willing to casually, intentionally racebait for political gain.”

Racism is a genuine problem and Republicans should do more to denounce it when it happens.  This seems like a good opportunity.


One Response

  1. Andrew Sullivan is a frustrated old women. He’s been trashing Sarah Palin ever since she came on the scene. Is it because he truly thinks her positions are so outlandish, or does he just hate women?

    Loosen up, Sullivan. I used to watch you on the Chris Matthews Sunday show and thought quite favorably of you until you and your friend “tingly legs” Matthews began to cross the line with your criticism of Governor Palin.

    You catch more flies with sugar than you do with salt, You betcha.

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