Minnesota Independent: Census data puts lie to Paulsen camp’s ‘demographics’ line

Minnesota Independent

Census data puts lie to Paulsen camp’s ‘demographics’ line

Is the Republican Party of Minnesota unaware of current demographics in the West Metro congressional district it has held for 50 years? U.S. Census data suggests that the suburban-identity politics that Republicans advanced last week writes off a third or more of the 3rd district’s residents.


Republican officials claim the 3rd district’s demographic makeup makes their candidate — state Rep. Erik Paulsen, a married-with-children homeowner — better suited to replace retiring U.S. Rep. Jim Ramstad (R) than DFLer Ashwin Madia, a single, childless renter.

After Republicans made their demographics case last week — particularly state party chair Ron Carey’s statement that 3rd district voters should like Paulsen best because he’s “one of them”– reporters pressed questions about a racial or ethnic undercurrent to the argument. The topic is too hot to touch — Madia, the son of immigrants from India, said he didn’t hear it, while Paulsen’s allies denied it — but for what it’s worth, the candidates’ racial backgrounds are shared across the 3rd district’s population to starkly different extents, as reflected in U.S. Census figures:

Total population (one race and more than one race): 664,769
White: 83 percent (553,342)
Asian Indian: 1.3 percent (8,350

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