LittleGreenFootballs: This is a Strategy?


This is a Strategy?

Good grief.

Lieberman: McCain draws the line at using Rev. Wright.

Wallace asked Lieberman if McCain would bring up Rev. Jeremiah Wright after condemning state Republican parties for running ads criticizing Obama for his relationship with the controversial figure.

Lieberman responded: “He [McCain] didn’t like that approach. Senator McCain feels that same way about bringing up Reverend Wright through his campaign. And that’s the kind of line drawing that I think John McCain is all about.”

Later on Fox News Sunday, Brit Hume said the McCain camp would be “out of their mind” to not bring up Obama’s relationship with Rev. Wright.

“What on earth are Joe Lieberman and John McCain talking about when they say that the long association with the Reverend Jeremiah Wright is off the table?” Hume said. “Why is that off the table? It’s an important part of Obama’s background and record. It’s one of the reasons people wonder about who he really is.”


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