Jack&Jill Politics: C.H.A.N.G.E. — Come Help A (N-word) Get Elected. WTF?

Jack&Jill Politics

C.H.A.N.G.E. — Come Help A (N-word) Get Elected. WTF?

This is beyond the pale.  Some dumb-ass schooteacher in Florida has stolen Sen. Barack Obama’s campaign slogan and put his own interpretation on it.  From TV station WJHG, just out of Tallahassee:

The day went as usual at Marianna Middle School, but one thing is different: 7th grade teacher and coach Greg Howard is no longer an employee. He was suspended without pay for 10 days starting Thursday for making racial slurs at presidential candidate Barack Obama.
Our source told us Howard asked his students what “change” stood for and proceeded to write out the acronym “change”- come help a n(word) get elected. (emphasis mine)

Jackson County’s Deputy School superintendent says he’s received conflicting reports, but he can confirm change and the n-word were used.

JJP readers, Greg Howard teaches 7th grade.  7TH GRADE!!! WTF?  This junior high school-version of Rush Limbaugh teaches middle school kids and decided he’d get his Ferraro on in the classroom, probably thinking because he’s a teacher, a coach and defacto authority figure, the kids in his class wouldn’t notice or snitch on his ass.  As usual, when caught, yahoos like this bigoted bozo just get suspended from the job and required to attend diversity and sensitivity training as punishment..

Far more important, the more Senator Obama increases his lead over McCaint in the polls, the worse this type of bigoted mudslinging is going to get for the next 30 days, so fasten your seat belts; it’s going to be a bumpy 30 days’ ride.


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