Jack&Jill Politics: Barack Fights Back Against McCain-Palin’s Smears

Jack&Jill Politics

Barack Fights Back Against McCain-Palin’s Smears

I love it that the Obama campaign is getting out ahead of McCain and pre-empting the negative messaging. I think the American people are in no mood for this. Besides, as I’ve written before, John McCain probably has more to fear than Obama in terms of some of the folks he’s associated with closely, including hardcore white supremacists. Guilt by Association is a game that Obama should play to win and point out McCain’s ties to racists, anti-semites, big oil, big lobbyists, gambling titans and other shadowy figures. I mean, can we talk about McCain’s ties to professional haterRichard Quinn? Or Todd and Sarah’s friendly ties to Alaska’s secessionist (or America Last, heh) party?


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