BagNewsNotes: NYT Plays The Ayers Card


NYT Plays The Ayers Card

Friday afternoon’s front page features an image and article resuscitating feeble allegations — all then discounted — of some kind of professional, philanthropic or even political collaboration between Barack Obama and Bill Ayers, the article serving little more than a re-introduction of Ayers — and, by association, questions about Obama’s character and patriotism —  into the media sphere.

If you can hold your nose long enough to read the article, you’ll also notice how the author — by way of an interview with a Chicago Tribute columnist — also manages to reference Obama’s relationship with Jeremiah Wright, including the “God damn America sermon.”  But then, given the specter of a less competitive election in comparison to the orgy the media had over Reverend Wright, why should all the election fireworks fizzle out now?

Given the power of images to create connotations well beyond the most qualified of words, the NYT dug up this 2001 image of Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn to slap on the front of the on-line edition.  (I’m more than half expecting to see it on the front of Saturday’s print edition, as well.)  Besides offering you a screen grab of the digital lead, the image above is the expanded version of the pic from the article.  Not only are the former Weathermen staring down at us with self-righteous expressions, but Ayers could be seen as flipping us the bird.


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