AmericaBlog: Poor Gwen Ifill, Sarah Palin ‘blew me off


Poor Gwen Ifill, Sarah Palin ‘blew me off

Give me a break. Gwen Awful is now telling Tom “GOP liaison” Brokaw that Sarah Palin blew her off and she didn’t even answer ten of the questions during the debate. Yeah, uh huh. 69.9 million people figured that one out contemporaneous with the debate, Sherlock. And Ifill just figured it out now? It’s not a debate when you race through your questions and refuse to ask a follow-up, even when the candidate says “I’m not gonna answer your questions.”

But you ain’t seen nothing yet. Just wait for Brokaw on Tuesday.

Brokaw is hosting the next presidential debate. Guess what else he’s doing? He’s NBC’s liaison to the McCain campaign to smooth relations. Yes, Tom Brokaw’s other job is being NBC’s point-person to suck up to John McCain and make him stop hating NBC. Yeah, no conflict of interest there. NBC is far more interested in wooing back the GOP base than playing it fair and objective.

So get ready for Tom Brokaw’s tour-de-force on Tuesday. Let’s see if he’ll break Stephanopoulous’ and Charlie Gibson’s record for bringing up the most dated, disproven and irrelevant scandals about Obama while ignoring every single thing John McCain has done in life, from his adultery to his still-not-release cancer records to his erratic behavior to the Keating Five.


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