Weekly Standard Blog: Was Gwen Ifill Fair?

Weekly Standard Blog

Was Gwen Ifill Fair?

I thought Gwen Ifill’s most biased question last night was this one:

Sen. Biden, we want to talk about taxes, let’s talk about taxes. You proposed raising taxes on people who earn over $250,000 a year. The question for you is, why is that not class warfare and the same question for you, Gov. Palin, is you have proposed a tax employer health benefits which some studies say would actually throw five million more people onto the roles of the uninsured. I want to know why that isn’t taking things out on the poor

Translation: “Sen. Biden, why are you so fiercely standing up to those fat cats? Gov. Palin, why are you heartlessly stomping on the poor?”

But, as Jim Geraghty points out, Ifill’s bias was shown more by what she didn’t ask than what she did: No questions directly about energy. Nothing about guns. Nothing about abortion.

I don’t think these omissions had anything to do with the release of her book on Obama, though that conflict of interest should have disqualified her from hosting the debate.

But Ifill is a liberal, and her questions tilted, however subtly, to the left.


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