The Hillary 1000: Our Basest Instincts

The Hillary 1000

Our Basest Instincts

I’m surprised I haven’t seen this pop up around the blogs.  I watched the debate last night with about 8 other people, so there were some moments when people in the room were roaring or shouting or generally reacting to the nominees and perhaps I heard things inaccurately?  But how was Palin’s “I’m so glad to hear we both love Israel” response to Biden not an enormous Obama-is-a-Muslim dogwhistle??????  Did I miss something here???

I abhore Gov. Palin’s politics.  I think she appeals to our basest, nationalistic instincts.  I can’t tell if she genuinely believes in the statements she makes (given the context that she’s been “coached” and prepped to extremes for these public events), or if she’s merely willing to be the bully and say the xenophobic, nationalistic tripe that comes out of her mouth?


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  1. Thanks for the link! It’s an honor to be included on CSI’s blog!

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