HipHopRepublican: Meet real “Racist-Anti-Semitic Republicans”


Meet real “Racist-Anti-Semitic Republicans”

The racial views of the C.C.C. are repugnant to me, and I would never have spoken to the group had I known beforehand of its stand

~Former U.S. Representative Bob Bar 7th District,Georgia

This is an edited article from an anonymous source who lives in New York City regarding a group called the Council of Conservatives Citizen Council who asked that post this

I do not believe that the Republican Party is a racist party despite the partisan attacks by Democrats to further this impression. I believe that the party is predominately white because it is predominately rural. To me these simple demographic realities account for most Republicans of the party’s present platform. If for example lets say you live in Rochester NY and commute long distances to work any talk of higher gas taxes frightens you. However if you like in Brooklyn and take the subway the talk of higher taxes might not seem all that bad. In fact the talk of higher taxes may be viewed by urban folks as a great thing because of possible city improvements. Democrats try to construe such economic divides as an attempt by white Republicans to oppress the urban poor.

Putting that aside I am however convinced there is a group of white supremacist who are in both parties. I am also convinced that the umbrella group for this penetration of both partes but primarly our party is the Council of Conservatives Citizens Council. This group is both racist and anti-Semitic and do have an influence in our party. The Citizen’s Council while racist may actually confuse unsuspecting Republican congressman who is invited to speak. In the past few years they have refferd to themselves as a Free Market institute….here is there views on healthcare ..

Most of the Republicans who have attend there events in the past claim that they did not know they were a white supremacist group. I suspect that most did not know and wanted to kick themselves for attending once they media found out. However I do believe that there are probably a group of who did know the agenda of CCC particularly politicians from the region. If we Republicans ask Obama to have no relations with Rev.Wright or Black Nationalism we must ask the same of our own party…if you doubt there racist check them out!


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