Colorlines RaceWire:Will the Failing Economy Advance Racial Justice?

Colorlines RaceWire

Will the Failing Economy Advance Racial Justice?

I’m wondering how everyone else feels about the idea that our failing economy might advance racial justice.

On November 4th, we will find out what America really cares about. On the one hand, we have a Black presidential candidate who has a solid economic solution to the financial crisis, and on the other, the white candidate has admitted that he does not understand economics nor does he have a well thought out position on it.

Clearly, the economic crisis has hit communities of color the hardest. However, all of America is now paying the price for the federal government’s refusal to crack down on predatory lending – an issue that some conservatives tried to blame on the “irresponsible borrowing by poor people of color.” Now all of America (I hope) realizes that when economic policies fail to provide justice to the most vulnerable in our society, the end results affect each and everyone one of us – including the wealthy.

So, are Americans so uncomfortable with the notion of a president who isn’t white that they would tolerate 4-8 more years of America’s crumbling economy (and other ills) and vote for a man who thought the economy was flourishing the same morning that Wall Street completely tanked? Or will they check their own racism and vote for the candidate who-as surveys suggest-they put more faith in to fix the economy? Put another way, will Americans vote for a white man who they do not trust to handle the economy or will they vote for the man who will help us through this financial crisis, regardless of his race?

I can’t wait to find out.


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  1. I heartily disagree with your post. In no way, shape or form do I believe in for a moment Obama or any of his economic advisors are qualified to lead this nation. Obama’s “policies” are a cobbled-together conglomerate of failed socialist policies that have never been successful when pitched to the American public. Many of the highlights of his alleged “economic plan” are merely recycled ideas from McGovern’s campaign. Hardly innovative or forward thinking.

    Socialist, interventionist government with usurious rates of taxation like Obama proposes have a track record of failure, and required fiscal housecleaning and privatization and deregulation to get their economies back on track. Think Thatcher after Labor had nationalized and destroyed the British economy; Canada after Trudeau did the same.

    My objection to Obama and his policies has nothing to do with his race. I simply do not feel he is qualified, nor has he surrounded himself with advisors and policy wonks who devised effective policies.

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