Nashville PostPolitics: A Different Medium

Nashville PostPolitics

A Different Medium

Katie Granju defends Gwen Ifill against charges of bias for writing a book about Barack Obama while serving as moderator for the Vice Presidential debate:

Ifill is working on a book, but she might just as well be working on a long-form magazine feature or a radio piece on Obama. Why is a book any different? It’s just a different medium.It’s a journalist’s job to cover the stories that interest people, and tell them in an honest, compelling way. Obama is certainly a subject of great interest to many Americans, and there is no question that his candidacy is historic. Whether he wins or loses, it’s a story that will require a fuller exploration, and Ifill is working on giving it one. That doesn’t necessarily make her a shill for Obama. It just makes her a journalist, doing what journalists do.


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