Feministing: The Gwen Ifill defense


The Gwen Ifill defense

Right-wing bloggers and journalists are making noise about Gwen Ifill moderating tonight’s debate, because (gasp), she is writing a book about race and American politics. Naturally, this fact combined with her being black makes her blind to her own racism and favoritism of Obama. No, wait, actually, that assumption is racist.

Here is why. If Ifill were a white journalist and even more so a white male journalist, there would be no question in her ability to moderate the debate fairly. Furthermore, George Stephanopoulos moderated a debate between Hillary and Barack during primary season and he worked in the Clinton administration. Did anyone make noise about that? (No, really did they? I can’t remember.)

Furthermore, the assumption that her book is somehow “pro-Obama” is also problematic. People write books about key figures in history all the time, does that assume they are biased towards them or merely contributing to the political dialog?

Andrew Sullivan gives us the worst case scenario. Well, I guess leave it to the right-wingnuts to come up with any excuse, irrelevant of how racist, to stop us from seeing the *real* Sarah Palin.

I can’t wait for the debate!


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