CultureKitchen: Memeorandum shows Michelle Malkin’s brown-on-black smear job against Gwen Ifill


Memeorandum shows Michelle Malkin’s brown-on-black smear job against Gwen Ifill

Achor-baby Michelle Malkin is at it again. As the official “darkies enforcer” for the extreme right, she’s jumped at the chance at attacking the scheduled moderator of the VP debate, Gwen Iffill. After all, it’s how she makes her living.

Malkin first attacks the person of color with media power by labeling them as “biased”, “extremists” or “crypto-marxists”. She does so as a “journalist” and concerned person with “the truth”. She keeps the screaming through her blog, has other neo-con bloggers back her up and it’s not until white mainstream media picks up on her concern trolling that she let’s go, sits back and waits for her next assignment.

Yet there it was, Malkin’s concern trolling post popping-up on memeorandum and this is how the drama unfolded :

  • September 30 at 11:40 pm Malkin’s post is supported by Gateway Pundit, but it is a related item to the story of Ifill breaking her ankle.
  • October 1 at 12:40 am the article is now a top item still with Gateway Pundit supporting it.
  • At 1:00 am Riehl Word and Red State jump on the party.
  • By 7:30 in the morning, it’s, Gateway Pundit, Red State, Classical Values and Riehl World View
  • 9:30 am is the breakthrough : Greta Van Susteren and World News Daily picked up on it and spread the meme to the “mainstream”and by 2:30pm it was all over Fox News –along with the obligatory Media Matters rebuke.
  • It’s 7:46 PM and CNN is tallied with other major media. They even been running segments on the “controversy” –I caught the one aired around 5:30 PM.

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