Culture 11: Say What? Veep Debate Edition

Culture 11

Say What? Veep Debate Edition

So blared a flyer plastered on my windshield this weekend. For visuals it employed a Photoshop re-imagining of the Pretty Woman poster starring McCain and Palin (“She walked off the street, into his life and stole his mind”) above a Soviet-style print depicting George W. Bush and McCain marching behind an AK-toting Palin, hammer and sickle above their heads

Condescension can kill tonight. Any challenge, implicit or explicit, to Biden’s heroic self-image could easily flip the gaffe/overcompensation switch. Having been handled with kid gloves during primary season by opponents who recognized his political impotence — Biden and Chris Dodd could have received as many votes in Iowa if they’d played checkers at a Des Moines diner all through December — it isn’t clear how he would react. Snap verbal decisions hardly seem the Delaware Senator’s strong suit, though.

A misunderstood opponent, however wounded, remains dangerous — especially for a liberal elite that has determined the best way to help Obama close the deal with skeptical white working-class Democrats is to shellac them as racists.

Hey, undecided voters, if you liked being racist, you’re going to love being stupid!


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