Yahoo News: Obama Backers Worry His Race Will Hurt Him in `Middletown, USA’

Yahoo News

Obama Backers Worry His Race Will Hurt Him in `Middletown, USA’

Hurley Goodall knows what it’s like to be first and black.He has white Democratic voters in Muncie, Indiana, to thank for breaking a barrier when he was elected to the General Assembly 30 years ago.

Race is a powerful subtext of this presidential election, and its impact is largely hidden, with few white voters willing to acknowledge openly that they won’t vote for Obama because he is black.

Goodall isn’t so sure other whites will feel the same way. He estimates that “more than half” of Muncie’s poor white Democrats will vote for McCain. “If they do better than that, it will surprise me,” said Goodall, who went to work in the neighborhood foundry at age 16 during World War II. “I know them all, but when it comes to race, I don’t trust them and they supported me every time I’ve ran.”

Michael Carpenter, a 65-year-old tour-bus driver, might be one of those people. He says he’s leaning toward McCain, citing the Arizona senator‘s Navy experience and Obama’s race. Blacks “have an ax to grind, and they are going to grind it,” he said. “If he gets elected, this country is in for some real troubles.”

After canvassing white Democratic neighborhoods earlier this month, local Democrats grew concerned that race was playing a bigger role than they have previously expected.

“Who’s going to look at you and say, `I am just not going to vote for him because he’s a black man,”’ said Tyler, who knocks on doors for a couple of hours every day, asking voters to fill out their absentee ballots. “Nobody is going to tell you that.”

Sue Errington, the county’s state senator, said she heard more racial arguments against Obama in the Democratic primary, when she was on the other side, stumping for Hillary Clinton, a New York senator.

Those same voters now “raise the experience issue,” Errington said, “but you know it’s something else.”

“It’s harder to address the underlying issues when they won’t bring it up themselves,” she said.


2 Responses

  1. Please don’t take this the wrong way, but a friend has recommended that I reach out to you about a problem that you may be having but may not be aware of: Have you ever considered whether your ostentatious support for Senator Barack Obama is really a disguise that hides a deeply anchored form of racism towards Black-Americans?
    Racism comes in many forms, and there is a significant possibility that your sponsorship of Senator Obama is really an obsessive compulsion to prove to yourself, and to others, that you are not a racist. Have you looked within yourself and examined your motives?
    Sure, we can turn it all into a joke, like some have: an Obama lawn-sign is the yuppy status-symbol du jour; a hip and shiny accessory, this season’s iPhone. “But dear, every Volvo in the Whole Foods parking lot has an Obama sticker on it!”—that’s yet another parody of White property-owning affluence as described by
    Have you really considered why you are so fixated by Senator Obama? How important was the pigmentation of Obama’s skin in spurring your interest? Do you really believe that he, or anyone else for that matter, is more qualified to run for the presidency than Senator Hillary Clinton? C’mon, let’s be honest with ourselves; that’s the first step in the healing process.
    Isn’t making a big deal out of Obama’s skin color just another form of racism?
    Unfortunately, Senator Obama and his team have approached this question in a very cynical way. Can anyone really brand former President Bill Clinton a racist? After all he had done for Black people? Well, the Obama campaign did. Can anyone accuse the Rev. Jesse Jackson of being a racist against Blacks? The Obama campaign almost did.
    You should be absolutely certain that you are not being carried over to the voting booth upon a guilt trip. You should take this opportunity to look deeply within yourself and ask, “Why did I fall for Obama? Why am I, after all that we have accomplished on racial issues, still feeling guilty? Am I an unconscious racist? Am I any better than those who pretend not to stare at an inter-racial couple?”
    I’m sorry to tell you that voting for Obama does not absolve you of racism, it may even confirm it. You may be besotted by Obama because he’s the least-black, half-Black politician out there. Did you catch yourself thinking that Obama is remarkably “clean” and “articulate,” as Senator Joe Biden condescendingly said?
    I beg you to visit, and allow the healing process to begin. Cleanse your soul of the last vestiges of racism, and come over to a better world of hope, understanding and self-awareness.

  2. Contrary to your assertions, I do not feel that Obama will have trouble succeeding in middle America due to latent racism, but rather because of his offensively far-left, ultra liberal policies and positions; his disingenuousness and refusal to be forthright about his history; his refusal to disclose his academic track record, grades or any published work; his associations with radicals like Wright and Ayres; and his complete lack of any identifiable accomplishment whatsoever.

    Hopey changey rhetoric can only take you so far.
    Lt Col West, running for Congress in FL, has called Obama out on the race card, and states that Obama’s tactics have set race relations back 30 years.

    MLK would be ashamed of Obama and his campaign. Obama is no MLK.

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