RedState: Gwen Ifill: VP Debate Moderator, Obama Shill.


Gwen Ifill: VP Debate Moderator, Obama Shill

You know, Michelle Malkin and I don’t actually agree on all that much, but we do agree on this: it is perhaps not the most objective thing in the world to have as one’s VP debate moderator a woman who has written a book entitled “Breakthrough: Politics and Race in the Age of Obama.”. Particularly when it’s scheduled to come out on 01/20/2009. (Via Hot Air Headlines)

Some of Ms. Ifill’s objectivity here:


4 Responses

  1. Amazing…This book has been written about for months.
    See, for example, the Washington Post just after the Palin nomination

    Sheer silliness to raise it now…

  2. Yes, but the moderator was not named until VERY recently so why does it matter when the book came out? The Republicans should have been alerted to her bias before she was approved. Does anyone know about ALL books that have come out in the recent months? It’s not surprising that this book didn’t come immediately to mind.

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  4. Ifil is the wrong person to be moderator. She has clearly shown her bias and I believe racism in her remarks about VP candidate Palin. However this is another major misstep of the McCain campaign to even agree to a debate with Ifil as the moderator. We should all remember her disrespect for VP Cheney during the last presidential debates. Ifil should be removed and replaced as moderator.

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