Jack&Jill Politics: The McCain Campaign Attacks Gwen Ifill

Jack&Jill Politics

The McCain Campaign Attacks Gwen Ifill

Wow, debate camp must not be going so well if the McCain camp is pre-attacking respected journalist Gwen Ifill who, ahem, happens to be black and therefore couln’t possibly be impartial. McCain supporters are trying to play the race card saying that she’s biased. If that’s true, than Tom Brokaw who is apparently NBC’s liaison and the next debate moderator needs to recuse himself too, no? I mean, where does this stop, exactly? From Politico:

Michelle Malkin and World Net Daily have made a lot of noise today about the fact the Gwen Ifill, the moderator of Thursday’s VP debate, has a new book coming on Inauguration day about Barack Obama and the politics of race –  it’s now leading on the front of Drudge.

Fox’s Greta Van Susteren reports that the McCain campaign didn’t know about it.

“I am stunned….the campaign (actually both) should have been told before the campaign agreed to have her moderate. It simply is not fair — in law, this would create a mistrial.”

So the book she’s writing is a historical one called: “Breakthrough: Politics and Race in the Age of Obama.” It will be relevant whether or not Obama wins because the point is that there’s a new group of African-American leaders coming up. The same old racial dynamics don’t play anymore. To insinuate that Ifill, who’s likely to run a tough debate and ask serious questions, can’t be impartial is insulting to all African-Americans.

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