Michigan Messenger: Is front group for Israeli organization trying to influence November election?

Michigan Messenger (9/29/08)

Is front group for Israeli organization trying to influence November election?

The Council for American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a Muslim advocacy group with an office in Southfield, Mich., has asked the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) to investigate whether the distributor of millions of copies of an anti-terrorism DVD is a front for right-wing Israel-based groups trying to help Republican presidential candidate John McCain. If so, that could be a violation of campaign law, since foreign nations are not allowed to attempt to influence American elections.

Millions of DVD copies of the film “Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against The West” were delivered recently to the doorsteps of potential voters in November’s upcoming presidential election between Sen. Barack Obama and Sen. John McCain, via their Sunday newspapers through an advertising purchase by a shadowy group called the Clarion Fund. The Clarion Fund is secretive about its funding, but is staffed, the Detroit Free Press reports, by former employees of Aish HaTorah International, a Jewish educational organization based in Jerusalem. The Clarion Fund denies an official, direct connection to Aish HaTorah.


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