Nigeria: Digesting the Obama Phenomenon (9/29/08)

Nigeria: Digesting the Obama Phenomenon

The stake is very high. The forthcoming November presidential elections in the U.S promises to be the most keenly contested and controversial elections in American history. The two candidates are veering from issues to mudslinging, perhaps one of the ‘dirtiest’ since the Bill Clinton versus George Bush Snr high tension campaigns. First the first shot came from the John Mccain camp, accusing Barack Obama of playing ‘the race card from the bottom of the deck’. But the Obama camp has dismissed the claims as as ‘old low politics to distract voters’.

…there is a strong feeling among political watchers that Obama may still have to contend with racism. When the chips are down, there may have to be reverberating echo of ‘who owns the land?’. No matter the pretences, the pluralistic composition of the population of the U.S based on religious, regional or racial identity remains a noticeable element in American politics, especially for immigrant races like Blacks, Jews, Irish, Greeks, and Chicanos . The American conservative electorate may conspire with the White Supremacist lobby group to either stop Obama at the polls or abruptly and suspiciously use the Kennedy option-assassination (God forbid).


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