Salon: Glen Greenwald: National Review asks: Did WaMu fail because it employed minorities?

Salon: Glen Greenwald:

National Review asks: Did WaMu fail because it employed minorities?

National Review‘s Mark Krikorian notes that (1) Washington Mutual became the largest bank to fail in American history yesterday and (2) its last press release touted the fact that it was named one of America’s most diverse employers, having been “honored specifically for its efforts to recruit Hispanic employees, reach out to Hispanic consumers and support Hispanic communities and organizations”; for being “named [one of] the top 60 companies for Hispanics”; for “attaining equal rights for GLBT employees and consumers”; for having “earned points for competitive diversity policies and programs, including the recently established Latino, African American and GLBT employee network groups”; and for being “named one of 25 Noteworthy Companies by Diversity Inc magazine and one of the Top 50 Corporations for Supplier Diversity by Hispanic Enterprise magazine.”

While juxtaposing these two facts — (1) WaMu has a racially and ethnically diverse workforce and (2) WaMu collapsed yesterday — the National Review writer headlined his post: “Cause and Effect?” He apparently believes that the reason Washington Mutual failed may be because it employed and was too accommodating to large numbers of Hispanics, African-Americans and gays. Is that why Lehman Brothers, AIG, Bear Sterns and so many others also failed — too racially diverse of a workforce? Ironically, the night before, National Review‘s Mark Steyn and Hugh Hewitt agreed with one another that The Atlantic Monthly was forever destroyed as a journalistic entity because it employs Andrew Sullivan, whose writings about Sarah Palin are “a form of mental illness.”

At roughly the same time, Law Professor Glenn “Instapundit” Reynolds promoted this article by University of Oklahoma Professor David Deming, which described “Obama’s thinly veiled hatred for this country’s unique culture and institutions” and said he was “a hollow man that despises American culture,” and the article predicted that “more Americans will come to this realization and elect McCain/Palin in a landslide.” Professor Dunning explained that Sarah Palin compares favorably to Obama because she — unlike he — was “unassisted by affirmative action” and “is not embarrassed by being an American.” Then, this shining light of the right-wing blogosphere lavished praise on that article in a post entitled “Alien Obama” and explained that “Barack Obama despises America and American values because he has never known or experienced them, as he did not grown up in a normal American culture”; that “Obama is un-American”; and that “[Obama] is not one of us” (Professor Reynolds then linked to that “analysis,” too).


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