AmericaBlog: Palin’s preacher: Jews control the economy, that’s causing all the corruption, and we need to have Christians take over business and banking

AmericaBlog (9/25/08)

Palin’s preacher: Jews control the economy, that’s causing all the corruption, and we need to have Christians take over business and banking

KagroX from DKos discovered last night that a new video of Sarah Palin experiencing a laying of hands at her church in Wasilla shows Sarah Palin’s preacher telling the congregation – with Palin present and about to join him on stage – how Christians need to take over control of the business world, especially banking, just like the Jews (Israelites) have done. He then goes on to say that the fact that non-Christians are running the banking industry is the cause of all of the recent scandals. Hmm… so, Palin’s solution to the economic crisis, run the Jews into the sea?

I’ve excerpted the “Jews control the world” party of the video, then showed about a minute of the part where Palin comes up (which actually takes place a few minutes after the comments about Jews. Here’s a transcript, and following that is the video:

The second area whereby God wants us, wants to penetrate in our society is in the economic area. The Bible says that the wealth of the wicked is stored up for the righteous. It’s high time that we have top Christian businessmen, businesswomen, bankers, you know, who are men and women of integrity running the economics of our nations. That’s what we are waiting for. That’s part and parcel of transformation. If you look at the — you know — if you look at the Israelites, that’s how they work. And that’s how they are, even today. When we will see that, you know, that the top transporters (?) in the lands, we see, you know, the bankers, we see the people holding the parts (?), they are believers, we will not have the kind of corruption that we are hearing in our societies.

National Review Online: New Censors’ Obsession

National Review Online (9/25/08)

New Censors’ Obsession

George Bernard Shaw once wrote that assassination is the extreme form of censorship. Today, I wonder what he would say about the censorship of assassination as a political organizing principle. Sadly, one is forced to ask this question just now as we witness some of our nation’s newspapers refusing to accept a paid advertisement in the form of the documentary Obsession.

For those unfamiliar, Obsession was put together in the aftermath of 9/11/01 to help educate Americans and other English speakers about the roots and methods of terrorism, the uses of propaganda in the Middle East, and the tactics of recruitment — including the recruitment of children and suicide bombers (too often, the same thing). It was one of many civilian-distributed educational efforts that sprung up after 9/11 to help educate on a topic of obvious concern and too little knowledge. It was a heroic effort. Of late, that effort has been regenerated, with a campaign to have Obsession sent into homes and distributed in local newspapers.

But not all newspapers are accepting the advertisement. And in the quest to keep the DVD out of the hands of too many Americans, some journalists are betraying their own ignorance. Take Keith Olbermann of MSNBC. Olbermann recently said Obsession is “neocon pornography.” I can only imagine what Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz must have thought of this comment, he being one of the most prominently featured experts in the documentary. Professor Alan Dershowitz, a supporter of Al Gore, John Kerry, and Barack Obama, and an opponent of the Iraq war, would be just about the last person to think of himself as a

HipHopRepublican: Jason Riley Assails Myths of Immigration

HipHopRepublican (9/25/08)

Jason Riley Assails Myths of Immigration

In a provocative new book, Jason Riley makes the case for welcoming more legal immigrants to the United States. Drawing on history, scholarly studies and first-hand reporting, Riley argues that today’s newcomers are fueling America’s prosperity and dynamism. He challenges the prevailing views on talk radio and cable TV that immigrants are overpopulating the country, stealing jobs, depressing wages, bankrupting social services, filling prisons, resisting assimilation and promoting big government.

New Nebraska Network: The Truth About Ward Connerly & His Crusade Against Affirmative Action

New Nebraska Network (9/25/08)

The Truth About Ward Connerly & His Crusade Against Affirmative Action

This new ad should soon be appearing on Nebraska and Colorado television, the two states in which it appears constitutionial amendments to ban state-sponsored affirmative action will actually appear on the November ballot.  The ad is brought to us by the Ballot Initiative Strategy Center (BISC) to shed some light on Ward Connerly, the out-of-state fraud we’d be allowing to rewrite our state constitution if this measure passes.

New Mexico FBIHOP: C. de Baca Defends His Remarks on Morning Talk Show

New Mexico FBIHOP (9/25/08)

C. de Baca Defends His Remarks on Morning Talk Show

So Fernando C, de Baca (note to out of towners: his last name is C. de Baca not just de Baca) is still refusing to resign; word is tomorrow Steve Pearce will go to make his case for C. de Baca to tell him to resign.

Listen to it at What’s the Word. Do you believe C. de Baca’s responses and excuses?

Wall Street Journal Washington Wire: ‘Attack by Association’ Viewed as Fair Game by McCain Camp

Wall Street Journal (9/19/08)

‘Attack by Association’ Viewed as Fair Game by McCain Camp

Don’t be shocked if you see the McCain campaign pull the controversial Rev. Jeremiah Wright out of mothballs in new attacks against one-time parishioner, Barack Obama.

McCain advisers say that they see “attack by association” as fair game now, arguing that Obama’s campaign has been using that technique to go after McCain. In particular, the Obama campaign has hammered McCain on the stump and in TV ads on the number of one-time lobbyists working for his campaign. (The McCain campaign is also angry about a Spanish-language TV ad that ties McCain to Rush Limbaugh on immigration, without ever saying that McCain took on Limbaugh and others to fight for comprehensive immigration reform.)

Salter said to expect more of the same, saying the campaign was tired of “catching the spears.” Asked whether to expect attacks involved Wright, campaign spokesman Michael Goldfarb said: “We’ve seen all throughout the (Democratic) primary this guy has a lot of associations that are very problematic.”

Racism Review: John Stossel Deploys the White Racial Frame

Racism Review (9/24/08)

John Stossel Deploys the White Racial Frame

In a recent column called “White Privilege and Barack Obama,” John Stossel, the co-anchor of ABC’s show 20/20, deploys the white racial frame – and hides behind the writing of African American neo-con Shelby Steele to disguise his own ignorance about racial matters in the U.S.

Stossel begins his piece by sharing his “assumption” about the significance of Obama’s success, then picking up on the widely circulated Tim Wise piece on Obama and white privilege, (which Adia Harvey wrote about here first), and then attacks Wise for his message. Here’s Stossel:

Yesterday, I wrote about Kristof’s call to fellow journalists for more critical analysis of racism in the presidential campaign. And, as the election grows closer and the polling data continues to show that racism is costing Obama the votes of whites, such an analysis is sorely needed. Unfortunately, most journalists – like Stossel – are blind to the reality of racism and ill-equipped for such an analysis due to the white racial frame.