ThinkProgress: Lousiana Lawmaker Faults Media For Focusing Attention On His Eugenics Proposal»

ThinkProgress (9/25/08)

Lousiana Lawmaker Faults Media For Focusing Attention On His Eugenics Proposal

Louisiana State Rep. John LaBruzzo (R) recently stirred controversy by advocating a form of eugenics to decrease the number of poor. “I realized that all these people were in Louisiana’s care and what a massive financial responsibility that is to the state,” he said. “I said, ‘I wonder if it might be a good idea to pay some of these people to get sterilized.’” His plan would also give tax incentives to the rich to encourage procreation.

Appearing on CNN today, LaBruzzo defended his proposal by arguing that “the taxpayers of America are kind of getting fed up” with supporting welfare programs. He cited the “totally reliant” residents who relied on government evacuations during Hurricane Katrina. When CNN’s Kyra Phillips asked why he couldn’t invest in education and poverty-reduction programs, LaBruzzo faulted the media for focusing too much attention on his eugenics program:

Every one of the ideas you brought up were talked about in the brainstorming session. Obviously the media thought this was the one they could get some ratings out of. We talked about getting involved in the community. … We talked about a lot of those issues. This is one that the media grabbed hold of because it gets ratings.

He also blamed the “tremendous influx of illegal aliens” for “bringing down the economy even more.” Watch it:

Washington Post Channel ’08: Jewish Democrats Asked to ‘Schlep’ Home for Obama

Washington Post Channel ’08 (99/25/08)

Jewish Democrats Asked to ‘Schlep’ Home for Obama

“If Barack Obama doesn’t become the next President of the United States I’m going to blame the Jews.”

So says Jewish — and infamously potty-mouthed — comedienne Sarah Silverman in an edgy new video at, a Web site designed to encourage young Jewish voters to “schlep it” to Florida — a state with a substantial Jewish population — and other battleground states to convince their older Jewish relatives to vote for Obama.

In the video, Silverman suggests that if relatives are concerned about Obama’s background, “Explain to them that we’re all the same inside.” Tongue planted firmly in cheek, Silverman ticks off what she says are some similarities between African Americans and older, Florida Jews: They “can’t get enough” of track suits, both enjoy driving Cadillacs and “like things and bling and jewelry and stuff.”

SwingStateProject: Stuart Rothenberg on Race

SwingStateProject (9/25/08)

Stuart Rothenberg on Race

Unfair, you say? Voters shouldn’t judge a candidate by his skin color. Maybe, but is it any more unfair than, for example, saying that because McCain and President Bush are both Republicans that a McCain administration would produce a third Bush term? No, it isn’t.

New Mexico FBIHOP: BREAKING: C. de Baca Resigns

New Mexico FBIHOP (9/25/08)

BREAKING: C. de Baca Resigns

Fernando C. de Baca, the embattled Bernalillo County Republican Party Chairman, has resigned according to Peter St. Cyr of 770-KKOB and What’s the Word.

From his blog:

Embattled Bernalillo County Chairman Fernando C. De Baca has resigned. Nearly a week after making controversial remarks to a BBC reporter at the NM State Fair, the 70-year-old former White House staffer has decided to step aside.
Sources tells 770 KKOB Bernalillo County Party Treasurer Ryan Cangiolosi will take over as chariman [sic].

He compounded his error with audio from another BBC interview which aired on Santa Fe’s KSFR-FM station:

I feel strongly that Hispanics will not support, in my generation and the generation around my age, are not going to support the Democratic candidate for president primarily because there is a strong feeling that African Americans during the civil rights movement took advantage, full advantage, of all the benefits and programs that the government offered, that were supposed to be offered to all minorities. But we were left behind, we were left sucking air, and we resented that ever since the 60s, and I don’t see how a black president is going to change that.

Jonah Goldberg: The Media Plays the Race Card

Real Clear Politics (9/24/08)

The Media Plays the Race Card

The news media have been shamefully stoking the idea that the only way Barack Obama could possibly lose the presidential election is if American racists have their way. Indeed, the fact that Obama isn’t leading in polls by a wide margin “doesn’t make sense … unless it’s race,” says CNN’s Jack Cafferty.

Slate’s Jacob Weisberg says Obama is losing among older white voters because of the “color of his skin,” in an article subtitled “Racism is the only reason McCain might beat him.”

Many journalists are so convinced that racism is the only possible explanation for an Obama loss that they are beginning to see any effective anti-Obama ad as an attempt by John McCain to “viciously exacerbate” America’s “race-fueled angst,” in the words of one New York magazine writer.

TalkingpointsMemo: Obsession DVD Distributors: Would We Try To Influence Election? Never!

TalkingpointsMemo (9/25/08)

Obsession DVD Distributors: Would We Try To Influence Election? Never!

We’ve finally gotten to speak with the people behind the mass distribution of Obsession, a DVD warning viewers of the threats of radical Islam. And they’re actually claiming that their mailing of the DVD to millions of households in swing states, and paying to have it inserted in local papers in places like Ohio, Florida, North Carolina, is not an attempt to sway voters in swing states.

And get this: They’re saying the swing-state focus is simply an effort to get the attention of reporters in swing states, because the media is heavily focused on swing states and if they distributed the DVD in non-swing states it wouldn’t get any attention.

The movie is being distributed by Clarion Fund, a right-wing group founded by filmmaker Raphael Shore, in partnership with the Endowment for Middle East Truth. Since these organizations are 501(c)(3) non-profits, it would be illegal for them to use the DVD as an express effort to win people’s votes — but they can embark on educational campaigns.

Ari Morgenstern, spokesman for EMET, concurred that this is not about influencing the election: “Well, this is in no way an effort to influence the election. The goal is to help educate the American public about radical Islam’s war with the West.”

Neither Ross or Morgenstern would disclose the identities of any of their donors who are helping with this effort, but Ross did say they “span the political spectrum.” He declined, however, to say if one or more were backing Barack Obama or John McCain.

Ross said that Clarion Fund has another movie coming out, The Third Jihad, about the threat of radical Islamists right here in America, set to premiere in October. There are not currently any plans to distribute it in swing states in the same way as they are doing for Obsession — but he’s not ruling anything out.

RedState: Alcee Hasting Equates Jews And Blacks to Animals

RedState (9/25/08)

Alcee Hasting Equates Jews And Blacks to Animals

There really is no other way to look at Alcee Hasting’s (D-FL) remarks.

He said, “Anybody toting guns and stripping moose don’t care too much about what they do with Jews and blacks. So, you just think this through.” Well, I have thought this through and the only conclusion I can come to is that he thinks Jews and blacks are animals.

Why else would he put two racial groups into a statement involving hunting animals?

So, you Jewish voters, remember that the next time a Democrat tries to get your vote.