Politico: Study: Dems need white vote gain

Politico (9/24/08)

Study: Dems need white vote gain

The report also paints two blocs of working class whites:

“A typical male voter in that category will likely be between 30 and 59 years old, live in a suburb or small town in the South or Midwest, and be married with no children living at home. He’s likely to be a Republican or independent, moderate or conservative, not a member of a labor union, pro-life, and in favor smaller government. Finally, he’s most likely to be Protestant but not a weekly churchgoer.

“His female counterpart has an only slightly different profile. She’s also likely to be between the ages of 30 and 59, married with no children living at home, a Republican or independent, moderate or conservative, not a member of a union, pro-life, and for smaller government. She’s most likely to live in a suburb in the South and have a gun in her household. Finally, she’s more likely to be Catholic and a weekly churchgoer.”

Obama did poorest in the Democratic primaries with white working class voters. Like Gary Hart, Paul Tsongas, and Howard Dean, Obama was most popular with what are sometimes referred to as “wine track Democrats,” college educated, while Hillary Clinton eventually coalesced those commonly called “beer track Democrats,” working class.

It was Obama’s capacity to add the near-uniform support of the black vote to his coalition—something Democrats like Hart and Dean could not accomplish– that polling indicates earned him enough voters to narrowly defeat Clinton.

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