Ohio Plain Dealer Openers: John McCain discusses race, ad campaign in Plain Dealer interview

Ohio Plain Dealer Openers (9/24/08)

John McCain discusses race, ad campaign in Plain Dealer interview

Don’t vote for Sen. John McCain because he’s white.

The Republican presidential candidate said Ohio voters should look beyond race when deciding who’s the best candidate.

“There’s too much at stake,” the Arizona senator said in a brief interview Tuesday with The Plain Dealer.

In Ohio, Democratic leaders have said that race, not just culture and geography, is influencing some reliable party voters, including union members and retirees.

Democratic Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois is the first black major-party presidential nominee in history.

Asked what he would tell voters who support him because they won’t vote for a black candidate, McCain said he would urge them to reconsider.

McCain said they should base their decision on other factors, especially on which candidate has the better plan for improving the economy.

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